Publié par : reilly2002 | 26 novembre 2012

Paternity leave in Australia – France is way behind…

Under certain criteria, in addition to maternity leave, eligible working parents may receive Parental Leave Pay for a maximum of 18 weeks paid by the Australian government at a basic pay rate. This pay may be shared as long as one parent continues to work during this period.

In addition to that, some companies make up their own rules. For example, at my company paternity leave can be taken up to three months with a full salary and I know of a father whose company extended his leave to six months.

In France, it seems that we have a long way to go to match the Swedish system where up to four hundred and eighty days may be taken between the parents. I think this system is generous especially when we compare it to France where fathers can only take ten calendar days for their first child, including the weekend, and companies are not required to complete the basic pay rate given by the government.

What do you think? Is this fair?


  1. Non, ce n’est pas juste que les pères de famille aient si peu de jours pour accueillir leur nouveau né !

    Je ne connaissais pas le système de la Suède mais je ne pense pas, qu’ici, en France, les entreprises aimeraient que les hommes partent tant de jours, déjà que cela ne plaît pas pour ce qui concerne les femmes …

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