Publié par : reilly2002 | 13 novembre 2012

Do we have different levels of expectations based on gender ?

I don’t know if you  already went through  this kind of situation!  From my own experience, expectations are not the same for women and for men. It depends on the nature of the task.

I’ve been through an personal anecdote showing this. The discussion was about the organization of a surprise wedding anniversary party for a couple having two grown-up sons (Stephane and Pierre – fake names).

– My mother in law: ‘The place booked doesn’t seem very nice, isn’t it? and I don’t know what kind of activities they currently planned.  Anyway, Stephane is organizing it so it’s already a good job!’

– Me: ‘why is it a good job? It’s not because Stephane is a man that anything he does  is well done’

– My mother in law: ‘Yes, you may be right’. Her tone suggests that she was not convinced!

– Me: ‘I don’t understand why because he is a man, he can’t achieve doing things better generally speaking’

Let’s take another example from our daily life: a man who tries to iron will be encouraged even if the work is not properly done. On the contrary,  for a woman -as we expect women to do it well- critics will certainly be made if it’s not  properly done.

un homme qui repasse avec soin

droits réservés

I recognize that I also tend to do the same in order to avoid any issue. Then I re-iron all the clothes.

Finally, I think  women are too much used to put high expectations on themselves both at work and  in their personal lives.

Fortunately, at work we are supposed to be equal so I hope that we don’t face the same issue. From my side, I think that I put the same level of expectation on my team – whether it’s a woman or a man – as I bear on me.

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