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Active women in mobility : Why not reverse the roles ?

It’s not easy to ‘be mobile’ once you have a family ! But here am I : in Sydney, Australia , with my husband and my 14-month daughter.

Australian kangaroo

After some months to get all the necessary visas, I was able to change my office location from Paris to Sydney at our request. We do want to discover a new lifestyle, away from the weather of Paris.
I do consider myself fortunate in the way that the sector in which I work – informatics and specifically SAP (enterprise software) – is always in demand of experienced people so I am not really at risk in terms of unemployment.We made the choice that my husband would have to search for a job in Sydney and as he comes from the automobile industry, it may be a bit hard for him to have the same job as in Paris. So he is currently at home and takes care of the home and of our baby when she finished her day with a nanny.
I’m more used to what we can call ‘traditional ways’ where the wife is following the husband and taking care of all the chores. Even in my company, I only know men who are travelling with their wife when they are assigned to project abroad. And the thing is that my husband doesn’t complain at all ; at the contrary he is excited about this situation so I can delegate to him much more things and concentrate on being with our baby when I’m at home. 
Some tips for being  in professionnal mobility !
1/ choose carefully your partner in the way that he/she can support you in your career choice (it may be hard to know it at a first glance!)
2/ choose also your career taking into account the needs of the market so that mobility can be easily called upon


  1. You are really lucky to have found a great and understanding partner like yours.
    Indeed, an international career is not easy and finding the ideal partner who understands us, it’s even more complicated.

    I hope eveything will go well, for you, there, for a long time =)

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