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Science: It’s a Girl Thing!

Women in Research and Innovation Campaign is starting today!

Today, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation is launching its new campaign on Women in Research and Innovation.

Follow the launch event live at:

What is going to happen in the campaign?

The campaign will be anchored by an informative and dynamic website and a Facebook page. The website will contain:

  • Video profiles of inspirational women scientists, role models of the campaign;
  • An interactive quiz revealing which science career best suits each girls’ interests;
  • Science facts and figures;
  • Descriptions of the many (sometimes surprising!) careers that can spring from studies in science.

Is this only running in Brussels and online?

During the phase of the campaign, there will be events in six countries. Following the launch in Brussels, a ‘Science: It’s a Girl Thing!’ mobile expo truck will wind its way through Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland visiting Vienna, Krakow, Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Munich, Milan and Rome between September and December 2012. The truck will offer fun, on-the-spot scientific activities demonstrating the connection between science and music, cosmetics, food, fashion and more.

In addition ‘Science Café’ will be organised for schools to meet role models: women researchers from their country will talk about their careers and the great opportunities science offers.

In 2013, the campaign will go on and activities will be organised in other European countries.

Take part:
Twitter: #sciencegirlthing


  1. J’espère que la France va participer à cet évènement en 2013 donc, vu qu’elle n’est pas dans les pays cités !
    Ce serait génial de pouvoir découvrir et parler à ces femmes de sciences!

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